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Trust, transparency and consistency


Diamstones is a diamond manufacturing company based in the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp, Belgium. Having been in the diamond business for almost 50 years, we have three generations worth of experience and relations in this industry.

We specialise in polished diamonds between 0.003 to 0.17 carats. Our serviced focused mindset combined with our global infrastructure enables us to cater to mom and pop stores as well as global brands and distributors.

In addition to our head office in Antwerp, with collaborations in Mumbai, Hong Kong and New York we are able to instantly service the needs of our customer base with speed and consistency. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, ethical business practices and continuously strive to fulfil our responsibilities towards employees, customers, society and the environment. Our membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) means that we must be compliant with strict inventory management and transparent documentation.


We uphold an ethical and warm working environment in which all employees and partners can express themselves comfortably and openly whilst maintaining a level of mutual respect.

Our diverse team of skilled artisans is totally dedicated in achieving excellence and constantly strive to answer our clients’ needs with reliability and speed. The team focuses on attaining uniformity in assortment thus ensuring that our customers are serviced with consistency.


In a relationship-based industry, customer service is the most important factor for building a long-term business. Our primary focus is to retain the trust of our customers, which is why we strive to operate with full transparency and accountability.

Bespoke Assortments

Every customer has their own specific needs and criteria for the diamond to pass their quality control (fluorescence, mm length, inclusion specifics, carat weight). Our sorting team prepares our diamonds as per your criteria so that when you receive the parcel it is ready to sell.

Dedicated Account Managers

Customers are assigned account managers whose primary aim is to ensure that their needs are being met and that they are satisfied with our products and service. If the customer has any feedback they can be sure that they will be heard.


Small Diamonds (0.01 ct to 0.39ct)

We specialise in catering to a niche. Primarily, we work with brilliant round diamonds ranging from 300 per carat to 3 per carat in IF to I2 clarities in D-G colour. We are known for our precise and consistent assortment standards.

Once our customers have established their specific tastes and requirements (in terms of size, quantity, quality and price), we ensure that our assortment matches their standards before sending the shipment. We want you to be happy with your purchases from us, hence customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

If you would like to receive our updated pricelist, please contact us on info@diamstones.be

Certified Diamonds (1.00 ct to 5.99ct)

We also keep an inventory of GIA and HRD stones available at competitive prices. The goods are generally D-K and IF-SI2. Please email info@diamstones.be for the updated stocklist.


Our jewellery division Sanket BVBA, supports the jewellery needs of many of our customers. With a manufacturing facility in Seepz, Mumbai we cater to individual needs as well as wholesale production. Please register at www.sanket.be

100% Natural

We diligently maintain our inventory at each stage of the supply chain. Our diamonds are tested for CVD and HPTP via in house diamond screening machines and externally with third party laboratories to ensure that everything we have is 100% natural.

Quality Control

Our team of certified graders maintain inventory standards with state-of-the-art microscopes and fluorescence machines. Any stone that does not match the level of our regular inventory will not be added into the parcel.

Provenance and traceability

In order to strengthen our transparency and accountability, we have concentrated our procuring of polished diamonds to a minimal number of reliable vendors. This allows to effectively authenticate and trace the origin of our inventory.


We have an established operation with Livingstones that functions across the entire diamond supply chain. Rough is procured in Antwerp and is then manufactured in Mumbai and Surat. The polished products are then diligently assorted as per the client’s requirements and are subsequently sold and distributed across Europe, Asia and the United States.


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